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Full-Time or Part-Time Search: What’s Right for You? 

One of the biggest questions we get in the Acquisition Lab is whether you should dedicate part-time or full-time effort to searching for a business to buy.  Is it like a side gig, where you can dedicate a couple hours in the evening to find your perfect business? Or do you need to go full


“Is It a Fair Multiple?” Defining a Good Deal

“Is it a fair multiple?” This is one of the biggest questions we get with first-time business buyers in the Acquisition Lab, and it’s a great question.  We all know that the return and value we’ll get from a deal largely depends on the numbers we agree to up front. Regardless of the inherent value


Redefine Retirement through Acquisition Entrepreneurship

The textbook definition of retirement is “no longer being part of the workforce and living off of savings and investments.”  When you retire, instead of working, now you can finally focus on leisure and enjoying life the way you want.  Isn’t that what we think of when we envision retirement? We know, in theory, that

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5 Myths of Entrepreneurship

Usually when I talk with entrepreneurs about acquisition entrepreneurship, I get a lot of blank stares and raised eyebrows.  Why? Because acquisition entrepreneurship doesn’t follow the traditional way of thinking about business ownership.  For one, most entrepreneurs believe that entrepreneurship is solely in startups, but that’s completely untrue and I’ll explain why soon. Today, I’m


How to Leverage Your Career Capital

In the last decade, computer science professor Cal Newport wrote a book about building career capital and why this is such an important endeavor. Newport’s thesis essentially states that a person will not find a satisfying and meaningful career until they master practical skills translatable to that career. The idea is also that instead of


What Business Would I Buy Right Now

Which Kind of Business Would I Buy Today? Business acquisition activity has been breaking records over the past few years, leaving many serious acquisition entrepreneurs wondering: what business should I buy? We are in an interesting time. There are massive shifts going on in terms of our demographics, consumer preferences, and how goods are moved