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Quiet Light (Best Online Advisors)

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Personal Financial Statement (SBA Template)

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SBA Application

Fast Life Insurance for SBA Loan


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LivePlan Business Plan Creator

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4 Pilars of Value

Primer on Business Models

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History of the Leveraged Buyout

What is the Difference Between a Compilation, a Review, and an Audit?

Resume Builder

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Modeling Best Practices

Types of Models

Step by Step Trend Analysis

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Articles and Research

HBR: Buying Your Way Into Entrepreneurship

Which MBA’s Make More: Consultants or Small Business Owners

WSJ: Family Business Welcome Outside Buyers

HBR: When to Walk Away From a Deal

Why Due Diligence is Important for Entrepreneurs

Companies Invent Their Own Performance Benchmarks

How to Value a Subscription Business

Earnouts in M&A Transactions

Stanford: Search Funds: Best Practices for the Search Phase

Chicago Booth: The Evolution of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

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