3 Steps to Accelerating Success (In Business AND In Life!)


In the journey of life, we often encounter glass ceilings that demand a change in perspective and strategy to break through. Walker Deibel, the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Buy Then Build and the visionary behind Acquisition Lab, shares a powerful three-step success accelerator that has propelled him and others to new heights. Step into a world of possibilities as we unravel the power behind “dream it, believe it, achieve it” and explore how it can be a game-changer for both your business and your life.

Vision – Dream It

The foundational step in this success accelerator is to dream big and envision your goals with clarity. Forget about the specifics of achieving it for a moment and focus solely on defining your vision. Whether it’s business success, personal growth, or a financial milestone, articulating a vivid vision sets the stage for breaking through barriers.

Inspired by the concept of BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), popularized by author Jim Collins, this step encourages individuals to think beyond conventional limits. By embracing a BHAG, you establish a North Star, a guiding light that directs your efforts toward an ambitious objective. The emphasis is on getting crystal clear about what you want, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

Belief – Believe It

Once your vision is set, the next step is to cultivate unwavering belief in your ability to achieve it. Drawing from Buddhist philosophy, where the pursuit of enlightenment spans multiple lifetimes, the message is clear: persevere in your belief, even when the path appears uncertain. Your mindset becomes a powerful driver, akin to the state of flow experienced during moments of optimal performance.

Belief serves as the fuel that propels you forward. When you’re in a state of absolute belief, your actions align with your vision, leading to heightened performance and a greater likelihood of success. This powerful alignment of belief and action becomes the catalyst for reaching unparalleled heights in your endeavors.

Action – Achieve It

The final step centers on maintaining unwavering belief while taking relentless action. Through what is termed “Relentless Solution Focus,” individuals consistently seek solutions, overcome doubts, and remain committed to progress. Action is key, whether it involves acquiring new skills, building a team, or forming a supportive community.

This step is about building confidence and embracing a proactive mindset. By staying focused on solutions and understanding that doubt is a natural part of the journey, individuals can confidently navigate the path toward their goals. The emphasis here is on continuous adaptation and a commitment to finding the next necessary step in the pursuit of achievement.


Embrace the power of “dream it, believe it, achieve it” as you navigate the challenges and opportunities life presents. This three-step success accelerator, grounded in vision, belief, and action, serves as a potent tool for breaking through barriers and realizing your full potential.

Apply these principles to your business, relationships, or personal endeavors, and witness the magic of transforming dreams into tangible achievements. May this proven formula inspire you to embark on your own transformative journey.

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Walker Deibel

Walker Deibel is an entrepreneur and advisor. He is the author of Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game and Creator of Acquisition Lab.

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