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How to Leverage Your Career Capital

In the last decade, computer science professor Cal Newport wrote a book about building career capital and why this is such an important endeavor. Newport’s thesis essentially states that a person will not find a satisfying and meaningful career until they master practical skills translatable to that career. The idea is also that instead of

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What Business Would I Buy Right Now

Which Kind of Business Would I Buy Today? Business acquisition activity has been breaking records over the past few years, leaving many serious acquisition entrepreneurs wondering: what business should I buy? We are in an interesting time. There are massive shifts going on in terms of our demographics, consumer preferences, and how goods are moved

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4 Pathways to Becoming an Acquisition Entrepreneur

Embarking into acquisition entrepreneurship is an incredible risk that offers significant financial and personal payoffs. For those with the proper disposition, a keen eye for spotting potential, and a mind for numbers, acquisitions entrepreneurship (AE) can be the adventure of a lifetime.   But how do you get started as an acquisition entrepreneur?   First

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The Art of Preparing Your First Offer Buying a new business for the first time can be an exciting new venture. Acquiring a business instead of starting one from scratch inherently carries different risks but higher likelihood of success because you can already look at the business cash flow, its assets, operations, and profits before investing your time and money in

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What Every Buyer Needs to Know About Working Capital

After you have successfully bought a business, you need to have an appropriate amount of working capital to maintain the everyday operations. Working Capital is defined as the amount of cash required to operate a business efficiently. I think it’s important to note that working capital can be something that your financial due diligence team supports as

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Asset Sale and Stock Sale: Definitions, Differences, and Advantages

One of the biggest conflicts that exist within transactions is the type of deal you’re doing – asset sale or stock sale.  Buyers typically prefer assets and sellers prefer stock sales. The key for any acquisition entrepreneur is understanding the big differences between both these types of sales. In this piece, I’ll help you navigate

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Business Impact: The Invisible Driver of Business Value

If you are looking to acquire a business, the first thing you need to consider is the value of that business. There are many metrics that can help you determine the company’s health before acquiring it.  These may include financial history, management, owner’s involvement, customer diversity, competition, relationships, and sustainable growth in revenues. While financial

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